And we’re off (well nearly)

Edit: my mum says this post is a bit downbeat… soooo I guess I should say both of us have been dancing around witu excitement the last few days. But it’s also important to talk about other stufff….

Our attitude to travelling seems to have become more relaxed. We had planned to leave for the next leg today – leaving drinks last night, Vanda ready to load and the house pristine for our cat sitter to return. But we’ve woken up and chilling in bed decided it’s probably better to go tomorrow morning. No mad rush then, time to visit Si’s folks and do a bit of shopping and get the last bits done.

We now have more of an idea what the next 5 months might entail. Beautiful morning vistas, sunshine and new and interesting friends, but also a small space to negotiate, unexpected challenges and differing needs. Si and I are very different. Si is happy in splendid isolation. He can happily pass several days without any human contact apart from me. I on the other hand need people and conversation. Si is happy just walking on beaches and watching sunsets, whereas I need to be constantly mentally stimulated. And we both need time apart if we are to remain relatively sane.

So we know some of the challenges we face and have to some extent prepared for them. For me: art sets, books, jigsaws (!!!), box sets to watch when it gets dark and plans to go diving – Si can’t dive because of a health issue. For Si it’s all there in nature and the experience itself.

We both know it won’t always be easy, that at times we will want to physically harm each other and want to come home. But also that we will probably get through it and continue our Advantures together.

Love and solidarity


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