Ready for the Road

Lots and lots to chat about in this post!

Firstly a huge thanks to everyone who got in touch, it has been greatly appreciated.

Mental health is still a taboo subject in many areas but talking about it helps significantly. I have tried to be as open as I can with the challenges that face me, if by talking about it makes it easier for someone else, that would be fantastic.

At the back end of our trip I had begun to show some symptoms I’d shown historically  when going into mental health crissis. The good thing is that we were able to identify them and act to try and stop it reaching that point.  That meant a rapid journey back to the UK to see my GP. Things have progressed well since then and after less than two months we’re about to hit the road again.

When we got back home to Manchester, we had to make a descision about how we were going to continue our trip once I was feeling better.

The main thing was were we going to travel in the same van or were we going to get a new one. We have had a couple of problems with our van but were they big enough to warrant splashing out on a new van . We looked extensivley and maybe if we found something that matched our requirements we might have gone down that route but we didn’t.

We love Vanda and it’s taken plenty of work to get her how she is. So we made the decision to stick with her and give her a bit of a make over. First thing was to get the rear bumper sorted. The big problem with a van like ours is it can be difficult to source body parts, mechanically its a Ford Transit but the body certainly isn’t. We had to find a body shop that would actually do the work, it’s one of those jobs, a pain in the arse and time consuming. We managed it and they’ve done a great job.


We also decided to give the inside a bit of a spruce up.

We’ve extended the bed, it’s now a european double which is actually just short of a king size. We’ve put down new flooing, tiled the work surface, give the cupboards a lick of paint, new shelves and new curtains.

We have also given the exterior a bit of jazzing up.

We’re currently in the throws of reloading the van and cleaning the house ready to hand back and we’ll be on the road come weekend.

Stay tuned  Si x

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