A brief interval

So, we’re heading home for a while. Si isn’t very well and we’d delayed our return for as long as possible, particularly as a friend has booked to come and visit us last week. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens with the best laid plans, we finaly took the decision on Wednesday morning, the day before she was leaving. But, as we get closer to Calais on a very cold Saturday afternoon, we won’t arrive back home a moment too soon. I’ll leave Si to explain the exact circumstances.

An interesting by-product of this is I didn’t  want to leave. I had my doubts about the trip way before we started and even 6 weeks in I was unsure whether I wanted to continue. Now I can’t wait to get back on the road, and my return to work in August seems way too close. I’m not sure exactly when or why this change of heart happened but in the last couple of weeks we’ve met some great people (a special mention has to go to Rosie, Tom and Jim), and stopped moving to new camping spots every day. There is something special about finding a cliff top spot and feeling like it’s home! In fact there is a particular spot not far from Sagres that i suspect we will return to.

We’re also thinking of changing the van for our next leg. We both love Vanda (we finally named it!) but it has a probably unfixable problem with the rear bumper, and takes forever to drive anywhere. The 24 hour journey from the Algarve to Calais has taken about 85 hours and we haven’t even had to go up many hills. It’s really going to be a hard decision to make, and we’ll take a little while to think about it, especially as Si wants to do a full van conversion when we end this advanture in August.

We’re almost at the Eurostar terminal in Calais and I am thinking about the last time I was here – visiting the Jungle refugee camp with my trade union before the camp was demolished. It’s bitterly cold outside and there are still hundreds if not thousands of people fleeing war and horror trying to get to the UK, and sleeping rough. I’ve donated to the Care4Calais Winter Appeal. I hope you can too.

For me, refugees are welcome in the UK. Donald Trump is not.

Love and Solidarity


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