Back on the road!

We’re back on the road after what feels like an age.

Since I’ve last posted we have been holed up in a couple of real buildings, we did 12 days house sitting near Marvão, Portugal. It took me a few days to settle into, but what a lovely place to be and its amazing how quickly you can become attached to the animals, Saira certainly fell in love with the pig.

From there we crossed the border to Spain and headed for Comares in the hills behind Málaga, where we met up with Gaby (Saira’s mum) and David. We spent a lovely Christmas week walking the hills and relaxing. Our airbnb hosts even invited us round for a full Christmas lunch.

Gaby and David left for home on the 27th and we headed back to Portugal.

Our first stop was outside Tavira, on the bit across from Tavira island. We saw pelicans and storks and lots of other wader type birds, and the dogs got to run on the beach  which was absolutely lovely, so lovely we stayed for a couple of nights before we moving on to our current location which is just west Albufuera. We’re now parked up on cliffs above Praia Sao Rafael, overlooking a beautiful rock formation and the Atlantic. We stopped for lunch on the way, inadvertently at what has been called (in a Camp4night review no less) as the Beverly Hills of the Algarve. Immense gated villas, people who looked posh (cardigans over shoulders etc.) and their very own security people driving quads and wearing dark glasses.

Looking forward to hitting the waves again tomorrow and to hopefully a beautiful sunrise.

Catch you all later,

Si and Sai x


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