Christmas in Comares, and the fridge..

Some months before we embarked on our travels my mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday. “Come and see us for Christmas!” I said. Thus ensued a drawn out discussion about possibilities with some suggestion that maybe early January might be better price wise, and less busy. Anyway, somehow, a Christmas visit was arranged. We agreed on somewhere near Malaga, and mum and David (her husband) found an airbnb apartment that suited our requirements. In the mountains, allows dogs, sleeps 4 people. Anyway, we booked a week at Casa de Pepe from 20th Dec for a week.  And what a lovely week it turned out to be!


Casa de Pepe itself turned out to be spot on. Big terraces to watch sunrises over the sea, astounding views of the mountains of Andalusia and a coffee table just the right size for the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle we’d picked up at Aldi (or Lidl maybe) and did not, much to my dismay, complete.



Our hosts Jane and Luc were really cool (man) and invited us all to join them for Christmas dinner – which again was lovely, inspite of the first drops of rain we’d seen all week. And also provided us with the spectacle of David being ravished by the family dogs, all quite big. Zebedèe took a particular liking to him!


Lots of mountainy type walks were had, including the 50 minute uphill walk to Comares, a gorgeous, unspoilt town with spectacular views. Mum and David walked for at least 3 hours virtually every day, Scooby and Scrappy were suitably entertained by the new range of sniffing opportunities and we all had a fab time in general.


Of course mum came laden with stuff for us (I now have two hats!) but most significantly brought items delivered to her that Si had ordered in the vain hope of getting our van fridge sorted. Many hours were spent fiddling with timers and inverters, and….we now have a working, fully functioning fridge. Hooray for that!
X Saira

I thought the fridge deserved a bigger mention!

Si x


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