The Awkward Blog

My turn to post today, and it’s a bit of a funny one to be honest.

We came down through Galicia, which I have to say is a vanlife heaven at this time of the year, parked more or less directly on the beach with stunning views.

We moved on to Portugal, which is held up as the actual vanlife “vanguard”.

I have to say so far this hasn’t been our experience. Portugal has seen us pushed further back from the beach, but the beaches are stunning. The big towns and cities are coming thick and fast and maybe the further down the coast we get the more welcome we’ll feel. As we left our campsite this morning we had a bit of van envy.

Anyway we still feel more welcome than in the UK, so it’s all perception. We leave the coast North of Porto to head inland tomorrow to meet up with one of Sairas old friends, which I’m sure will be fun.

But we’ll leave you with these stunning photos,

X Si

And a couple of sentences from me… one lovely thing that happened today was, as we were walking along a beach path we spotted a couple who we met early on in the trip. I shouted out “Rosie!” and it took a couple of seconds for her to register who we were. We had met Rosie, Dom (?) and Tim the dog initially on the Ferry (Tim didn’t like it) and then a couple of days later on a layby in Spain. It felt seeing old friends! Hope to see them again along the way.

X Saira


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