Ooh, me knee!

We woke up this morning to the sound of industrial diggers – come to continue work on the road along the seafront adding a cycle path. This meant a quick get up and go, and by 10am we were in a supermarket buying provisions for the next couple of days.

Neither Portugese nor Spanish supermarkets stock individual tins of dog food – this is quite baffling as there are a large number of dogs around. There is a wide variety of  dried dog food available which Scrappy will scoff down given the opportunity, but Scooby is less keen and will have a nibble and then leave it. He is quite a thin dog and really doesn’t need to lose any weight so wet food it has to be. So we can be seen several times a week lugging massive tubs of the stuff around supermarket car parks….

Anyway, we decided a night at a campsite was in order as I wanted a hot shower. The first one we went to was closed, but we found an open one a little way down the coast. To get to the beach you have to walk through massive concrete pipes – very eery, but then, the Atlantic ocean in all its crashing glory. Si has injured his left thigh body boarding, and I have scuffed my knees. Very dignified indeed. I’m not sure there are many 50+ year olds embarking on body boarding as a new hobby. But they should…

X Saira

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