Book Review: The Climb, Chris Froome, Autobiography

I had looked at this several times this year expecting it to be updated following his Tour De France triumph and again following his Vuelta a España victory and becoming the 3rd cyclist of all time to win the vuelta/tour in the same year, but the first to do it in the new running order tour/vuelta,  something which is seen as virtually impossible in modern day cycling. Anyway on to the book…

Anyone interested in cycling as a sport should read this, we all have our preconceived ideas of our sporting heroes, this book just added depth to what I’d casually absorbed through following the sport from a distance.

There are no punches pulled especially in the relationship between himself and Sir Bradley Wiggins this was something I sort of knew in the back of my mind, it’s nice to see it in print, because you know what it means to actually print a side of the story and not be subject to litigation.

It’s a book I would recommend, I don’t read loads but really enjoyed this and I hope it is updated soon to include the historic feats he’s achieved since it was first published.

This is one amazing athlete!


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