A day on the beach

Not much to report today really. We went for a long walk along the beach path earlier, so long infact that Scrappy almost dug in her heels and refused to go any further. It was interesting seeing people enjoying their Sunday… the area seems well used by the locals – cycling seems popular, lots of men in matching lycra. And families stretching their legs enjoying the sunshine. There were also some men in these weird flying contraptions, like something out of Chitty Bang Bang – paragliders with engines attached  (and in one case, wheels and a basic chassy!) which flew at times perilously close to the ground.

We have also been looking at who is reading this blog – from Sri Lanker, Finland, USA, Australia, Denmark, Portugal, Spain. We don’t have many hits but are impressed by the diversity of folk who have popped by.

We’re moving south tomorrow to try to find a beach to body board. One where the surf isn’t too bonkers. And then later in the week we’re heading in land to meet up with an old friend and her partner. Looking forward to having a decent conversation! Not saying the current company is less than scintillating but Si is currently listening to songs from Grease.

Love Saira

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