Portugal, That is all!

I know some of you never expected us to get this far, but here we are Portugal! That’s our 4th country, Manchester, England, Spain and now Portugal.

We left the beautiful A Guarda and Spain this morning and made the short trip over the border to Portugal. We leave Spain with fond memories for now but we’ll be back, just on a different coast.

We slept next to a monastery, oh and a very popular fishing spot apparently, we were up early for us 8ish, coffee, walk the dogs and warm up. It was bloody freezing on the morning walk, the sun wasn’t up and the wind was blowing.

We left Spain to cross the border to Portugal, diligently I got out the passports ready for the border crossing, in reality it was like going from Manchester to Stockport, a sign on the side of the road pronounced our arrival in Portugal.

We’d  picked our first stop, well we thought we had. We pitched up in Afife stunning beach and great surf. The car park was set back from the beach behind the dunes, how picky are we? We want to be on the beach. We checked the patk4night app and moved on a handful of kilometres. Equally stunning but to many rocks to bodyboard.

The whole trip so far is turning into a repeat of our NC 500 trip, after every stop we say, that can’t be beaten, that view was unbelievable, that sunset was truly stunning, day after day we are proven wrong. Long may that continue.

If you’d like to see photos as we go along through each day  Follow Us On Instagram we’re posting on there all the time we have connectivity.

See ya next time

Si x

A brief addendum from me (Saira)…. I speak ok Spanish. I understand quite a lot and can sometimes string a sentence together. Interacting with Spanish speakers does not cause me any anxiety. Portugese however – it may look like Spanish but I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce anything. We went to a cafe earlier and I could barely ask for a coffee! The language sounds a bit Russian. Or something. Simon is going to have to do the talking while we’re here. I’m not giving up but….

Saira x

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