Beaches and Brits (and why not to talk to them).

Yesterday we drove round the coast a few kilometres to a little place called Negra, just over the water from Vigo. There were three beaches in a row with small rocky outcrops in between them that spanned (so we were told) 3 kms. All quite perfect except the water supply to the shower on the beach had been turned off. Not really a problen except I desperately wanted to wash my hair – there’s only so much dry shampoo you can get away with. So out came the saucepan full of cold water and over my head it went. Three big saucepan fulls did the trick and while my head was freezing, at least it was clean. Apparently there is a bit of a drought going on here. Normally by now the rainy season has started which goes on for several months. The water tables are getting low and given that many folk a reliant on wells for their water, people are getting concerned.

The rest of the day was spent walking the beach and reading, with a brief interlude involving and man from Aberdeen and a woman from Bristol who had lived in Nerga for 30 years, running a language school until they retired earlier this year. The conversation was pleasant enough, with some odd quirks such as “yes I went to Portugal once and didn’t like it”, odd as we were an hour’s drive from Portugal. Apparently  Portugal is too British. Then a chat about the UK. Did they get back there much? About once a year but “it doesn’t  feel the same. When you’re at the airport all the faces are black and Asian”. For fuck sake. We said how yes, the diversity is what makes us love the UK. Then they left.

We seem to attract this type of Brit wherever we go. They seem to be fine, we’re having a laugh and then something vile comes out of their mouth. Maybe the best thing is to follow Si’s policy of not talking to anyone.

The sunset last night was magnificent, but this morning we woke up with serious condensation on the windows (sets in the West, rises in the East so no early morning warmth). After coffee in bed and a 6km round trip along the three beaches we headed off to find the perfect spot for our last night in Spain before we hit Portugal. The sun is shining, the dogs are well exercised and Si is currently at the wheel. Happy days.

X Saira

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