One of those days

Exactly what it says, we always knew we would get them, but why today? When we look back it probably won’t be one or at least it shouldn’t but it feels like one.

Fantastic start to the day, bright sunshine and surf. Dogs out, breakfast and coffee. Then get the bodyboards out.

We had about 30 mins out in the sea and I think we’re both picking it up slowly, we both picked up a couple of green waves (apparently what we should be looking for).

We had coffee outside and a tidy round the van, then we were off.

First stop the laundrette to do some washing, then Lidl for shopping. Finding the laundrette was the first perplexing part of the day which involved a convoluted one way system, which probably wasn’t actually that bad but it’s not like driving at home. Trying to convert mph to kmph driving on the wrong side of the road and giving way to the left at roundabouts all at the same time as going through a one way system, well. Any how we managed to get our washing done. After our jaunt round Lidl it was onward to tonight’s spot.

A 100+ kms south, what a nightmare, from the moment we left Lidl the sun was in my line of vision which made a very scenic drive awful. The speed limits change continually and we went through a couple of toll booths for good measure.

We arrived at dusk in Ponteveda, from where we’ve been it was like landing in a city, I have to admit it really threw me. Our first stop was to feed the dogs, give them a run while the sunset.

A stunning view and we saw dolphins which was amazing. We settled on the local aire. We’re tucked in for the night and fed.

So in summary we’ve bodyboarded, watched a stunning sunset and seen dolphins. If you’re going to have one of those days let it be one of these.

Si x

What Si doesn’t say here is that it has been the first day we’ve got a bit tetchy with each other. Two weeks after we left home, with each other 24/7, well it’s not surprising. A minor disagreement over where we should stop for the night. I thought the first three places we tried wre absolutely fine…. And I cooked a rather poor fish thing for tea. Yup. One of those days….

Xx Saira

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