Seven days and a thousand miles

I don’t know what’s going on with my perception of time at the moment. On the one hand we have been here in España for 7 days and clocked up 1000 miles since we left home and it feels like forever. On the other, days just go whizzing by. We get up with plans to do various things and before we know it, it’s getting dark and the dogs need to go out for their final walk. It’s not even like it’s the UK where it gets dark at 4pm.

So today we bought a couple of body boards, some fins and a pair of booties for me, did a bit of grocery shopping and that’s about it really. Of course we visited a number of possible spots to stay overnight – all of which were perfectly fine but somehow didn’t meet our exact specifications  (no dogs, as few people as possible and access to a beach where we could safely learn to body board). The plan had been to stay somewhere north of A Coruña but we’re now about 50 miles south of it. It is a fantastic spot, on a small cliff above a beach that seems to go on for miles and miles. It’s a bit windy now, and dark of course but tomorrow we shall wake up to a magnificent view of the crashing waves that we can hear now. We might even stay here for a couple of days and hope that time slows down a little bit.

X Saira

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