Somewhere over the rainbow, we’ll camp.

Well today has been really chilled, woken by crashing waves and it’s stayed pretty much that way all day. We were up fairly early by our standards. It was coffee and off with the dogs along the beach, when l returned the van was surrounded by Spanish hikers, we’ve seen lots of hikers either on the coastal walks or Camino de Santiago.

We moved on around lunchtime, but only a short distance probably a 30 min drive along the coast. It is truly stunning, beaches, countryside, cliffs and surf. The latter has planned our day tomorrow, top of the list we get bodyboards!

We parked up and took the dogs for a wander then a super relaxed afternoon, Saira had a nap and I read. At about 3 ish we decided to go for a walk along the coast, the scenery is jaw dropping reminds me very much of our NC500 where every turn gives you another wow!

Then back to the van, tea for everyone and settle in for the evening.

More tomorrow Si x

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