Sewing, Seafood & Seagull

Lovely start to the day today – the sun was trying to shine, the tide was in and all seemed well with the world. So much so in fact that I spent a couple of hours altering the curtain in between the drivers cabin and our living area. Not a mammoth task but it was the first time I’d done any sewing in years. If you don’t look too closely they are good. Si checked out the solar panels on the roof as he thought he’d heard them flapping in the wind. Not so. They were fine.

Our first meal out of the trip for lunch/dinner was gorgeous. Pulpo (Octopus – a speciality of the region) followed by seafood paella, at a restaurant  called Barrileta recommended by German John who we met yesterday. The pulpo was tender and tasty, and there’s something about tentacles that I can’t resist. By the time the paella arrived I was already full but had to try a bit of every type of seafood and some rice. Luvverly.

We staggered back to the van as the restaurant filled up with Spaniards out for the afternoon with their families.

We thought about staying in Foz for another night as there’s something special about it, but “bigger bone” syndrome kicked in and off we went, looking for the perfect place to stay. We passed on several nice-ish places along the coast, took the dogs for a run on one of the beaches and have ended up at Peria de Esteiro,  over looking yet another gorgeous beach.

A beach that contains the carcass of a seagull that  Scrappy found and fell in love with (ie. Rolled in and ran around with it in her mouth for ages). Nothing could tear her away from her new love – apart from Simon and a lead, eventually. Luckily we have doggy wet wipes that got rid of most of the remains – and we have the long lead, so successfully trialled a few days ago, that Scrappy is woefully close to being on permanently. 
X Saira

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