Cleanliness is next to Godliness, apparently!

We left Cabo de San Agustín this morning (what a wonderful place to wake up in) heading back to Navia to the local sports centre for a shower. According to Saira it was the must do thing today, I didn’t even think we smelled! Saira went in to ask if we could use the showers which wasn’t a problem so I can see us popping into a few sports centres as we travel along.

After the shower we set off towards Ria De Foz, one of the few places we’d picked out as a possible stopping point via Decathlon (to pick up a watch I could see at night) and Lidl for bread.

30 mins later we trundled in to Foz to find the aire (free motorhome camping spot), we parked up with a handful of other motorhomes and took the dogs for a wander. The town looks lovely and we’ll have a mooch there tomorrow.

After a rest, a consult with the map, park4night app and a chat with John a German traveller who’d come for a nosey at the van we decided to head back over the river to another aire which looks over the estuary to Foz. What an amazing view.

We’re all fed and watered now and considering how lucky we are to be able to do this, only another 8 3/4 months left.

It’s been a relaxed day with descent weather and relatively little traveling, perfecto.

Si x

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