Maggie O’Farrell “Instructions for a Heatwave”

O’Farrell has recently become my go to author when I haven’t got the capacity to think very much but want to be entertained. Her writing style isn’t over flowery and she seems to genuinely like the characters that her tales are based around. 
Set in the long, hot summer of 1976 a fractured family comes together when one of their number goes out for a pint of milk and doesn’t return.  What will the family do? Pull together or air their long festering grievances?

This book is thoroughly readable if a bit contrived in places.I’m not sure I like everything being wrapped up nicely at the end, but this is Farrell’s way. A thoroughly readable but ultimately cheesy feel good novel. Read it on the beach.

NB. Before I left I read the Essex Serpent. It’s excellent although my mum didn’t particularly like it. Read it and see what you think 

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