Let the adVANture begin

It’s happening for sure now.

The Crossing was fine for us but I think it was quite traumatic for Scooby & Scrappy but amazingly that all seemed to be forgotten as soon as we got on the beach.

I was up early, from about 0600 hrs I was considering going up to see the dogs after 15 mins of contemplation I finally did it, they were both beside themselves to see me, they both looked exhausted and Scrappy seems to have coped better than Scooby.

We had coffee and a couple more hours sleep before breakfast, considering they have a captive audience the food prices were reasonable, but some of the drinks wow… £3.50 for a can of fosters and £1.80 for a small bottle of water.

We got off the ferry with no hitch, next stop passport control, heart in mouth time as far as the pet passports were concerned. They didn’t even check them, we’re in and off!

Note to self drive on the right, give way to the left on roundabouts, forgot the latter once so far.

Our first couple of nights are on a campsite so we can settle in to it, we’re right on the beach and the dogs have had a mega run. They are both now crashed out in the van. Im not sure if it was the journey or the beach that’s done that though.

Right off for a wander round town.

Si x

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