7 Day Meltdown!

Well today is the first day of my retirement, I’m no longer a firefighter and I no longer work for anyone. A cause for celebration but it’s come in the midst of a major meltdown.

For the last couple of months we have been at full tilt trying to get the house sorted for Ruby (our house and cat sitter) and the van completed. I have to say there is never enough time and the whole thing has been stressful, but that has all paled in to insignificance in the last few days.

The van went in for its mot, service and a new clutch at the end of September so it would see us through trip, a few things came up on the mot, we had them all done, the last thing I wanted was something we knew about and could have had sorted relatively cheaply at home becoming a major headache while we were away. £1000 later the van has sat out front waiting for the few things we planned to do before we set off, I didn’t dare start on them ’till  the house was pretty much done.

We had been buying the bits and pieces, they have just been waiting to go in. So I started last week, the extra solar panel went on no problem as expected, the additional battery was a bit fiddly as I had to trim down one of the cupboards, but still no big deal really.

If you’ve read any of the earlier posts you’ll have seen us struggle with the fridge/cool box situation, cooling (or heating) is energy hungry, so it’s been something we’ve been very conscious of. (This is long and boring unless you’re particularly interested in how we have worked around it, if you are >go here< if not just read on for disaster!)

Anyway it was a pain that involved deconstruction of the bed and trimming of the fascia and it’s not actually up and running yet and here’s why,

At the moment the van is in the garage and causing us major stress. The van hasn’t been driven since it came back. Sunday I took it out and only arrived back home with the help of a recovery truck. On my way back the clutch pedal just dropped to the floor. It’s been an incredibly stressful couple of days and that is an understatement. We are now only 7 days away from the off, things still to do on the van but no van.

At the moment the only comfort we can draw from this is, the garage says the van will be back tomorrow and at least it happened befor we set off.

Still clinging to the dream

Si x

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