Osprey, Eagles, Dolphins and more 18 days on the North Coast 500+

We set off to do the North Coast 500 we had 18 days to get up to the start and complete it. It was an amazing #roadtrip and we did most of it wild camping, we’ll as wild as you can get in a van.

It’s a long drive straight up to Inverness so we decided to do it over a couple of days, our first stop was Semmer Water (Yorkshire Dales) £8 for overnight parking right on the shore of the lake. We settled in with a fantastic view across the Water, we were woken at 6:30 by a kindly fisherman suggesting we might want to move, we were now in the water in fact it was lapping at the step following heavy overnight rain. I ended up with wellies full of water chasing our blocks. An auspicious start to our 18 day #adVANture.

The weather forecast wasn’t looking good and our next spot was an epic one but dismal. A rural car park near Creswell, Northumberland.

……….. I’m very sorry this was a report back from the #NC500 that I never got time to finish or to be honest start. We had a brilliant time. It is an amazing route and something me and Saira would definitely recommend. We stopped over in some absolutely amazing spots and the van was brilliantly behaved. To check out this epic trip have a look at our Facebook Page (you don’t need to be on Facebook).

From here on in we will have the time to update this properly and we will be doing.

Si x

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