Seals, Swimming and Sunsets, Anglesey Again!

Another glorious weekend so we hit the road again along our well travelled path to Anglesey. We really have got this trip down to a fine  routine, batter it as fast as we can to Bangor, pick up supplies, refuel then on to the island. The weather has been baking the UK, what better excuse to hit the beach and the cooler sea breezes (like we need an excuse).

We returned to our newly found £10 camping site, why wouldn’t we? The site was still quiet even given the glorious weather, although the closest beach was marginally busier. We took a wander along the coastal path north, towards Church bay to one of the deserted coves it is magical. Then back to the van for a bbq, they’ve been quite rare for us so far this year. Then a late evening in with the wood burner and a spot of TV. 

We rise Monday again to glorious weather, it’s a lazy morning and another walk to the beach, this time we’re actually gonna take the plunge and swim, bracing I think is the word, Scrappy joined us and Scooby, hopefully it’ll be the first of many sea swims although she did spend quite a lot of the time trying to clamber on to Scoobys back. We return to the van mid afternoon via Church bay and ice cream, what could be better?

A bit of nap for Saira and I finished my book (Jeremy Bates), for tea we had what is fast becoming a signature dish, Mackerel (peppered), cottage cheese and salad wraps, sounds wrong I know but try it you’ll be converted. Just before sunset we strolled down to the beach, a different one this time instead of walking towards Church bay on the coastal path we went South, why haven’t we done this before. A huge stretch of deserted beach to watch the sun go down, what more could you ask for? Well I asked for dolphins or seals and we were then joined by two of the later. The first time we’ve seen them in Anglesey, perfect.

On trial this time, well following our last trip I’ve fitted silver backed sleep mate to the rear windows, unsurprisingly that worked a treat, we’ll probably be buying more for the other windows for when the sun is blazing. Ive resurrected the cool box fitting a new plug, again this has deformed due to the heat but the fuse didn’t blow, that concerns me a little and I’m thinking that will be our next purchase.

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