Lligwy Bay

We’ve done a couple of weekends on Anglesey. More testing and a bit of a getaway. But most importantly NEW CURTAINS!

We’ve been to Lligwy regularly and always used the same site, Tyddyn Isaf it’s multi award winning and probably the poshest site we’ve been on, brilliant facilities and location. As we get closer to our big #adVANture we’ll be using sites like this sparingly because of cost and trying to reduce our reliance on having facility immediately to hand.

We were there at the tail end of the school holidays and couldn’t get on to the site Friday as they were fully booked, we’d seen campers on the beach cafe car park on our previous visits and thought we’d give that a go.

The car park has a cafe, public toilets and is on the beach, it is a fantastic location and is £10 per night! As we’d set off with the plan of going to the site I hadn’t fully prepared the van (water etc. ), if I had there is a good chance we’d have just stopped there. The only downside for us is the constant activity in the car park excites the dogs. The weather was brilliant and it was considerably busier than we’ve seen it before, there were a handful of campervans there on the Friday, less on Saturday on Sunday there were non.

On test this time was the wood burner, we had run it to make sure all was safe but not for any significant time or purpose. It was a hit, it’s tiny but it does the job. We used wood (kidling), heat logs split to pellet size and last thing charcoal briquettes which all worked very well. The weather was wonderful, sunny during the day and the solar panel connected leisure battery barely flickered from full. We did watch the #welovemanchester concert and I’m pretty comfortable that the limited usage of TV & Satellite receiver have little impact on the battery. That still leaves us with a question about chilling food, the boot and the cool box did the job on this short trip, our longer trip in June/July will hopefully give us a better idea for long term use. 

One thing we did notice and will have to be changed, the end windows are boarded in the bed area the OSB is painted black both sides, in the morning sun they were roasting, they will either get repainted or covered on the external surface to stop this. The black looks good externally but its just not practical.

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