£10 a night camping on Anglesey

Another weekend getaway, we had originally planned to go back to Lligwy but in the week came across a fantastic website Motorhome Wild Camping. We have been researching our trip to Southern Europe and came across All The Aires, a guide to motorhome service points and stops and looked for something similar for the UK. There seems to be a huge debate around Aires in the UK, with the argument that there is no demand for them, well after only having a van for twelve months and seeing the number of them on the road and where we’ve been I don’t see that’s a credible argument but its not one I’m gonna get involved in, I was looking!

What we found was Motorhome Wild Camping website (a big thumbs up to who ever runs it). I had a bit of a look around the website the main two sections of interest were Pub StopOvers and Camping for under £10. We found one on Anglesey, listed for £5 a night and thought we would give it a whirl, its listed as “a field, no facilities”. When we got there it’s £10 a night has a small toilet block consisting of two toilet cubicles, a water point, shower (cold I presume) and bins/recycling point. What an absolutely stunning site it is, brilliant location a short walk to the beach, costal path and Church bay and all for the bargain price of £10 we will be returning there no doubt.

On test this time, well nothing really I had bought a wood burner fan which I have to say was amazing. Our mini wood burner heats the van brilliantly, heat rises as we all know, so having a raised bed means its roasting up there when you get in, this little heat powered fan sits on top of the wood burner and circulates the air and heats the van more evenly, I’d recommend it. The weather wasn’t as fantastic as it has been for this trip, but again the solar seemed more than up to the job, charging mobiles, TV and Satellite, even on the dreary Saturday by mid morning the battery was fully charged. I’m sure our longer trip will give us a better idea on how this will play out long term but its looking very positive.

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